Off Road Coolant 64oz

Dear Customer,

Maxima Racing Oils® has identified a potential problem with Product Number# 89-83964 among certain batch codes. In-house testing has denoted inconsistent PH levels in these two batches of Off Road Coolant 64oz products. Maxima would like for the products to be quarantined, and have any inventory holdings sent back to Maxima. Maxima will issue call tags to have the products returned. We will replace all returned inventory at no charge.

Please complete the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form below to initiate the Recall process. The form will automatically be submitted to our orders department, who will assist you throughout the recall process.

We sincerely apologize for any complications this may have caused you and your team. Maxima stands behind all its products and works to ensure we only produce the highest quality products. We appreciate your support in choosing Maxima Racing Oils®.


Maxima Racing Oils®

Recalled Product Information:

Item ID: 89-83964

Product Description: Off Road Coolant 64oz

Batch Codes: 260121 and 270121

Recalled Batch Codes:

Batch Code: 260121, Cases: 1-500

Batch Code: 260121, Cases: 501-858

Batch Code: 270121, Cases: 1-143

Batch Code: 270121, Cases: 144-644

Where to find your batch code:

Batch codes can be found on the back of each bottle, etched in plastic near the bottleneck and above the rear label, as indicated by the red circle shown below.

Batch codes can also be found on the outside of each product case as indicated by the red circle on the image of the case below.

Ex: 061021-P 233 = 6 October 2021, Case #233