Who founded Maxima?

Dick Lechien founded Maxima after recognizing his son’s (Ronnie Lechien) potential in racing. Lubrication issues inspired him to develop a cleaner, more effective product that would ultimately be distributed worldwide.

Where can I watch more videos from Maxima?

You can either find more Maxima or ProFilter videos here in our video room, or on our Youtube page here.

Where can I learn more about Maxima and its history?

You can read our Maxima story here.

Where can I find the latest Maxima and ProFilter catalogs?

You can find our latest catalogs and product information here.

Where can I find ProFilter on Social Media?

We have ProFilter accounts on InstagramFacebook Twitter.

Where can I find official Maxima or ProFilter logo files?

You can find our official logos for promotional use here.

Where can I find more information on specialty commercial oils?

Find more information on our specialty commercial oils here.

Where can I find Maxima products near me?

You can find Maxima products at a dealer near you using our where to buy section. Products can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the U.S. from our website at www.maximausa.com.

Where can I find Maxima on Social Media?

We have Maxima accounts on InstagramFacebookTwitter & Youtube.

Where can I find information on Aircraft oils?

Find more information on our UAV Aircraft oils here.

Where can I find application charts for SXS, V-TWIN, Air Filters, Oil Filters, Billet Engine Covers, etc.?

You can find application charts for our products here.

When was Maxima founded?

Maxima was founded in 1979.

What is the shelf life of a Maxima product?

We guarantee a two-year shelf life for all of our products when kept sealed and away from extreme environments. There is a date code etched on each bottle above the back label. (Last two digits are the year). Products older than two years are not necessarily spoiled, but they should be poured into a clear container first and inspected for unusual appearance. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What is the best number to call for customer service?

(800) 345-8761

What is the best email to contact for technical questions regarding Maxima products?

Email our tech department at paultech@maximausa.com.

What is the best email to contact for general inquiries?

Visit our contact page or email Maxima at info@maximausa.com or ProFilter at info@profilter.com.

What is Maxima doing to improve our environment?

You can learn more about Maxima’s efforts to stay green here.

What do I do if I receive a defective product from www.maximausa.com?

If you receive a damaged or inferior product from our official website, please contact us and provide your name, order number and any other purchase details so we can identify your order and work to quickly correct the issue.

What address can I send written communications to?

Please send any invoices or written communications to 9266 Abraham Way, Santee, CA 92071.

Is Maxima Racing Oils a public company or held by another group?

Maxima Racing Oils is a privately held corporation. The CEO and majority owner is Danny Massie. Having been a part of the Maxima team for decades, Danny continues to demonstrate his dedication to the company and has a strong passion for racing. He is an avid motorcyclist and active cyclist.

How do I subscribe to Maxima’s email list?

Sign up for our Powersports list here.
Sign up for our Performance Auto list here.
Sign up for our Bicycle list here.
Sign up to receive all Maxima emails here.

How can I get stickers, apparel, signage or other Maxima merchandise?

You can find our merchandise here on our website.

Does Maxima hold contests for fans on social media or their website?

Maxima occasionally holds contests and giveaways for fans on Social Media. Follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on the latest news and offers from Maxima.

Does Maxima have any online deals?

We have a regular promotion on the Maxima website that includes free shipping on all orders over $75. Subtotal must be equivalent or more than $75. This offer can’t be combined with other promotions. We occasionally promote sales on our website, social media or email lists.

Do you offer Athlete or Team Sponsorships?

We offer sponsorship opportunities for all segments (Powersports, Performance Auto, Bicycle, ProFilter). You can find our Maxima sponsorship application here on our website. You can find our ProFilter sponsorship application here.

What are your official local office hours?

Monday-Thursday 6AM-5PM

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