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Bike Chain Pro - 4oz

Ultra-clean and long-lasting bicycle chain lubricant formulated specifically for use in dry and dusty conditions. Advanced, surface-active formulation penetrates deeply and dries quickly to ensure effective protection while minimizing buildup of dust and grime. Proprietary anti-wear additives minimize chain noise, enable smooth shifts under load and extend chain life. Waterproof formula is designed for dry conditions, but will effectively repel water and inhibit corrosion if used in wet conditions.
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Chain Pro

Highlights & Features
  • Formulated specifically for bicycle chains Maxima Logo

  • Designed for dry and dusty conditions Maxima Logo

  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant Maxima Logo

  • Long-lasting protection and cleanliness Maxima Logo

  • Enables smooth shifting Maxima Logo

  • Minimizes chain noise Maxima Logo

  • Extends chain life Maxima Logo

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Bike Radar Review

Bike Radar Review


  • Ultra-clean formula
  • Promotes smooth shifting
  • Quiets chain
  • Reduces wear
  • Long lasting
  • Easy application


Excellent for everyday use in ideal and fair conditions as well as in dry and dusty environments.


Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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I have been using the dry formula for many years. It barely leaves any residue on the chain ring. I only have to clean the chainring and cogs off about once a year. It works great in the dusty conditions of the Northern California forest because the dust doesn’t stick. In terms of how I apply it, these are my procedures: I run the pedals backwards at about two revolutions per second with one hand, and with the other pinch the chain with a folded-over paper towel to clean it off. I then apply this lube to the inside corners of the chain. I cycle the chain through about four times for each of the two inner sides being lubed. Then I keep spinning the chain backwards as I first wipe off the outer/bottom of the chain, and then I wipe off the inside/inner if the chain in this matter. The lube application lasts me at least six hours of riding (Three two-hour rides). On average I ride about six hours a week. My current mountain bike is almost two years old and the original Eagle SRAM chain is still within tolerance.

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